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Track Incoming Calls

  • Measure the effectiveness of your ads by tracking the incoming calls from each campaign
  • Inbound calls are recorded online and the caller's contact information is put in your database
  • Call reports (ie. with notes, recordings, results, etc.) are instantly available online on our secure website
  • A must have for marketing analysis, training and evaluation

It starts with an advertisement. Note how the ads below each have a phone number to call.

Track Incoming Calls

The incoming calls for your your ads can be tracked.

Track Incoming Calls

You'll be able to see the number of calls each day that the ad is running.

Track Incoming Calls

You will be able to access detailed reports on each indiviudaul call.

Track Incoming Calls

Setup is simple…

Put unique tracking numbers in your marketing and advertising campaigns. Get as many toll-free or local numbers as you need and point the tracking numbers to any phone number you choose (your office, call center, sales department, cell phone, etc.).

You don’t need any special hardware or phone lines. This generally takes thirty (30) minutes to set up.

You have access all your call activity reports and recordings on a secure, password protected website. All calls are archived every 2 minutes so you can monitor activity immediately!

Yes, it’s that simple!


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